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Dear MyCamera, Hashtag #IHATEYOU
The great hunt for the camera charger has not yet come to an end! I think I’ve looked everywhere it could exist, and have yet to find a cord that i can hook to my adapter. Its really depressing to lose the DIY part of the blog for the time being, because that was one of the things I was really looking forward to…

I love books quote

Until I actually have the ability to post DIY’s on here though, I will focus my efforts on  the reviews portion of the blog! As you guys know, I love to read! Having a kindle Fire has given me the amazing ability to read from a whole knew world of writers that I might never had access to at Barnes & Noble. I read a lot of .99 books on because I love to read, and don’t have a lot of funds to do so. I’ve grown to be very picky on the books that I read, and have found a few genres I enjoy more than most of the others. I’ve always been a fiction kind of girl. I love action, adventure, mystery, and I’m always up for a good love story. The setting and writing style matter much less to me than those elements. The plot is something that must come together, and if it doesn’t, it is likely that I won’t read the second book. There are a list of books I can’t wait to review, and some I dread telling you guys about. I must tell everyone now, I paid for the books will be reviewing, unless they were free on Amazon. I will also say that I am not being paid for my reviews.

These are the books I plan on reviewing here on my blog in the next few weeks, listed in no particular order:

The Zellie Wells Trilogy(Glimpse, Glimmer, Glow) by Stacey Wallace Benefiel; Unbreak Me by Lexi Ryan; The Dark Angel Series(Angel Fire & Angels Stone) by Hanna Peach; The Stark Trilogy(Release Me, Claim Me, Complete me) by J. Kenner; The Mageri Series(Sterling, Twist,Impulse, & Gravity) by Dannika Dark; A Job From Hell by Jade Scott; The Crescent Chronicles(Flight & Focus) by Alyssa rose Ivy; and The Insight Series by Jamie Magee

Start looking for them this week!


If a book is well written, I always find it too short- Jane Austen


for my shoe dazzle shoes!

for my shoe dazzle shoes!

Giles mini dress
$670 –

Pull Bear printed tank
$12 –

Michael kors sunglasses

Paper hat

Razzle.. Dazzle.. Here are some Shoes!

SO, honestly? I’m pretty upset to not have a DIY post out. I’ve got one mostly done omitting the pictures. Why haven’t I posted it yet? Well you see…my camera cord had magically disappeared. I’ve been hunting for two weeks. It’s just evaporated or something. I’m trying to find a converter tonight. I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

In the mean time, I’ve decided to share my recent online shopping endeavors with the bogosphere. Online shopping is amazing. It honestly saves me a lot of time and money. I love to bargain hunt, and that is always done best in store, but if you are really careful, and shop around a lot, you can find some pretty awesome and interesting finds online.

Some of my favorite Online shopping websites(and why I love them) are: and Vintage), books, and many others), quirky finds) clearance) stock and return policy online)

Lately I find myself looking for shoes online a lot. I’m going to blame Pinterest, because I wasn’t a shoe girl until I jumped-head first- into Pinterest. I LOVE PINTEREST! Thats getting off subject though. So shoes! I search for shoes online because I am extremely picky. I need something cute, comfortable, and cheap. Easier said than done when you have a small foot, making 4 inch heels more than difficult to walk in than for someone with a larger foot. Also, finding the perfect style is really hard because I don’t care for shoes with gaudy chains or embellishments. Its a rare occasion for me to find a crazy pattern that I like, and the same applies to any shoe that is more than two colors, excluding neutrals. I know, I’m picky..but if I wasn’t…I’d have more pairs of shoes than my friend Lnz!(shes been collecting a while)

I ended up getting an account and recieving [way too many] emails from a site called Shoe Dazzle. Its pretty neat because you take a quiz to decide your style, and every month they update your “Show Room” with Shoes, Bags, and Accessories. I haven’t found any shoes there that cost more than 49.99. Shipping is free too! Up untill this weekend, I never found anything that I needed…partly out of pickiness. But I bough t these over the weekend with my first purchase discount! I got them for under $20 because they were on clearance too! I think they are adorable and perfect for anything from shorts to work to colored denim and sundresses. PERFECT! The cute little pattern isn’t overpowering and ads just a bit of a sweet side. The heel is about 2″, just enough to stretch out the legs and still be comfortable!

Lou Shoes in a size 6 from Shoe Dazzle

Lou Shoes in a size 6 from Shoe Dazzle

Sorry I know that picture is kind of small. It wouldn’t save very well, but heres a Link, and I’ll give an updated photo when they come in!

Shortly, I’m going to give you guys a image collection from Polyvore, where I compare prices A-LOT, of things I might put with my adorable new shoes!




Blue Wonder Summer

Blue Wonder Summer

Rare London shirt top
$30 –

River Island denim hot pants shorts
$37 –

Feather earrings

Long earrings

Fireworks and the 4th

I thank god for my life
And for the stars and stripes
May freedom forever fly, let it ring.
Salute the ones who died
The ones that give their lives
So we don’t have to sacrifice
All the things we love

Like our chicken fried

– Zac Brown Band

Happy Independence Day weekend Everyone! I hope its sunny where you are, it definitely is NOT here in north bama! In fact, my fourth was a little damp…okay it was sopping wet! Much to my disappointment, it was just gross outside.. and for me that means I have to give up on straitening my hair… but that has a back story, so let me back up and start over from the beginning!

Once upon a time…
Okay, seriously though. It started out with having a girls night. (Why? That’s a secret for now!) So anyways, I had this great idea that we could have a girls night sometime this week . My two best friends were up for it because no one would have to work on the fourth. Heck yes! Lnz was really excited about the new MAN OF STEEL movie coming out because shes a huge super man fan. In the end it was four of us. Lnz, her roomie from college, Knz, and me. We met at Steak and Shake, I had cheese fries of course. We went to the Manaco and saw the movie really late. You can see my review for it (here). We probably didn’t get out till 1AM, and then we had to pick up some cars and get back to Lnz’s house. I know for a fact we didn’t get to bed till at least 3AM yesterday morning, which is out of the norm for me. Even as a college student, I’m an in bed by 10:30 kind of girl unless its movie night with the boyfriend. The next morning(more like noon) we went stomping around a place called Thompson Falls. Its beautiful. (I’ll ad pictures of the place one day) Knz’s parents closed on the land today, so she basically owns the place, which is super awesome!

So after we got back, I ditched my friends thinking I’d have time to get a quick shower, celebrate with the family, and drive out to my boyfriend’s house to meet him and go elsewhere to “party”.  I ended up taking a longer shower than I should have(totally normal for me) so I scrunched and blowdried my hair into a wavy (totally sexy) mess! I had to bypass the extended family for the first time in a long while so I wouldn’t put myself in a bind. I honestly wanted to stop really bad, but I was afraid of running late in holiday traffic.

Zack took me out to one of his best friend’ s place. He and his girlfriend live out there with on of Zack’s other best friends. We cooked out of the grill and hung out for a while. It was really nice to just relax and enjoy ourselves after the chaos recently. One of my favorite parts of the Fourth of July is the fireworks show they put on at the Lake. Its been many years since I’ve missed it, and even though the traffic is terrible, its totally worth it. The four of us left chilled out in the bed of a truck, even in the drizzle!

Here’s a snap shot from after the grand finale.


Swollen Eye

So my brother graduated at the end of May, ad that exact night I noticed my allergies flaring up. Now I don’t know about the rest of the globe, but in North Alabama we have tons of allergies, and humidity.  Its pretty much the only down sides to the south. Seriously though, if you have bad allergies like my brother does…life can really suck during the allergy season. My brother’s Allergies are so bad that he should be getting allergy shots like a few people I know, but mine have never been as serious as his. Sure, I get a runny or stuffed up nose when something’s blooming. Last year though, I experienced a problem with my eyes. They itched like crazy, and I ended up having to go to my eye doctor just to have them seen because they had begun swelling up(from my rubbing them so often). He looked for all kinds of issues since I told him I had tried every kind of over the counter eye drop available. In the end, my doctor prescribed an ointment for my eyes.


I thought the name of described my situations quite well actually. Eff my life is pretty much how I was feeling, and I guess its time to drag the good ole FML ointment back out because I have plans tomorrow night ( which I plan to talk about later!) Here’s how my eye looked this morning. I can physically feel the swelling. The shiny on my face is my lovely ointment.


Stupid EYE!

Its really no fun to not be able to wear make-up if that’s what I want to do. i really like wearing and experimenting with make-up.

I think when I get home from work I’m going to take a bubble bath and try putting cucumber on my eyes like they do in the movies. They supposedly help with inflammation, and I’ll try just about anything!

images (1)

If you have tips for allergies, I want to hear them!

Talk at yah later!


Betting on the TV

Winner of Voice Season 4 Team Blake

Winner of Voice Season 4 Team Blake

So as I’m getting started with introducing myself to the blogosphere, I realize that I didn’t tell about my “Favorites”…like how I’m obsessed with the color turquoise, or how ladybugs are my mascot, and how Keith Urban’s music is more precious than breathing fresh air.



Time with my family is usually spent in front of the television. Three out of four people in my family work at least most of the day. So chilling in front of the tube is pretty relaxing for us since we can all sit in our “spot” and talk about our day’s during the -way too loud- commercial breaks. One of our favorite things is to bet on the TV. Just before the announcement is made, some one says “Who’s going home tonight?” and everyone calls out who they think before we here the final outcome. We do something similar on CSI type shows where were almost playing clue with the “who done it” question at every commercial break.

Tonight was the season finale of  The Voice, I wasn’t particularly excited this year mostly because I felt like some of the most talented people went home way too fast. Don’t get me wrong. Danielle and The Swan Brother’s were great. I’m my opinion though, Danielle has a lot of growing up to do as a singer and a performer. I also have nothing against the brothers, I just didn’t think they were as talented as some of the singers on Adam’s team. Michelle really surprised me. I didn’t expect her to make it that far, which made her the wild card. Danielle had it from the second week of the life playoffs, but I was impressed at how we watched Michelle grow as an singer.

I really thought that Team Adam had it in the bag this year. The talent his team accumulated should’ve been a competition all on its own. Shakira’s Sasha was really good too, and I felt like any of them could’ve taken the Swan brother’s place tonight. If that had happened, Danielle might have lost her big win tonight.

With all that said, I’m really excited for Team Blake. I cheer for him and Team Adam pretty hard. I heard a lot of great talent this season, maybe more than American Idol presented in the last 12 years its been on air.

Who was your favorite? Do you think Danielle should have won The Voice?

Tell me what you think! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Maybe tomorrow we’ll get a little more acquainted!


keeping it simple

I love blogs. I love reading them, seeing them, and I love the idea of writing myself. I’ve wanted to write one and honestly I’ve tried a couple of times. I’m really excited to get this ball rolling! I have a lot of things I can’t wait to share!

But you don’t even know my name yet!

I’m Kelci. I’m a 20 year old college student. My zodiac sign is Aries. I have a family of  five (Mom, Dad, Brother, & Dog). My mom is my support, but my dad is my inspiration. My “little” brother can be annoying, but we are really similar so I probably shouldn’t say any more on that….We are only two years apart and we are actually extremely close. I love eating cheese bread, and like to draw while I watch movies with my Dad. 

Cars are a big part of my family,well…just Mustangs really. We are a family built Ford tough, and our Mustangs come second only to each other.Image

I have a lot of loves(hobbies) in life; some are old and others are new. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and since about middle school my favorite way to draw is in an anime cartoon style.


Because I am only five feet tall I have to alter almost all of my clothes in some way to make them fit like they should. I decided to learn to sew to alter my own clothes, and that started a love affair with fabric crafts. I make all kinds of things.

This blog is going to be an amazing adventure. And yet another hobby.